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Arizona Drink Masters Provides Professional Bartending and Wait Staff Services
We are Pre-Screening Applicants to Work in various locations throughout the Phoenix Area and surrounding Cities. Bartenders are required to have their Arizona Title 4 Liquor Law Training Certification. Servers and Bartenders are required to have their Food Handlers Card. Should you meet The Arizona Drink Masters basic qualifications you will be contacted and required to complete a more thorough employment application in-person. This online process of submitting your information does in no way imply or constitute a contract of employment or an agreement to employ you as an individual with Arizona Drink Masters.
If You Possess these Qualities and Experience Please Submit a Pre-Screening Application
  • At least 6 months Experience as a Bartender or Server
  • Outstanding Customer Service Skills
  • A Positive Attitude
  • A Great Personality
  • Efficiency
  • Ability to Anticipate Client Needs
  • Good Memory Skills
  • Cleanliness
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability

Arizona Drink Masters provides a Service to our Clients who expect a level of professionalism at or above industry standards, and we as a service provider only employ individuals who consistently maintain a high level of professionalism. We expect our Bartenders and Wait Staff to be well-groomed and follow a strict appearance standard. In a service based industry a positive attitude and exceptional people skills are a must. Our Clients are guaranteed that Bartenders and/or Wait Staff will arrive an hour prior to the scheduled party or event for preparation or set-up. This requires an individual to be prompt and have the ability to arrive and leave as scheduled. As an equal opportunity employer, Arizona Drink Masters selects Team Members on the basis of professionalism, skill, training, ability, attitude and character without discrimination of any characteristic protected by law. Arizona Drink Masters pays competitive wages to both bartenders and wait staff, both bartenders and wait staff may also receive gratuities at their assigned party or event. Priority in scheduling is given to Team Members, who have consistently proven to be professionals and have received positive feedback from our Clients.

Pre-Screening Application

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING - Entering your pre-screening information in the following form does in no way imply or constitute a contract of employment or an agreement to employ you as an individual with Arizona Drink Masters.
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